UPC 條碼標籤貼紙 UPC Barcode Label Sticker

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產 品: UPC 條碼標籤貼紙印刷

特 點: *) 代客做 UPC 條碼 (* 不是指申請號碼) 及排版,客戶不用提供稿件。
*) UPC 條碼適合在零售產品上使用,主要流行於北美洲地區。如你的產品是出口到美國或加拿大,就可能需要用 UPC 條碼。
*) 有送貨服務,可送香港或大陸。
*) 保證條碼能被掃描。

規 格: 備有不同尺吋

印 刷: 單色印刷,白底黑字。

價 格: 請以電郵查詢,不設電話報價,請見諒

*) 產品: UPC 條碼標籤
*) 貴司/機構的全名:
*) 尺吋:
    W (mm) x H (mm)
*) 印刷內容:
*) 數量:
*) 其他製作上的要求:
*) 送貨地址:



  • UPC 條碼標籤
  • UPC 條碼標籤





可以,但客戶需要把所有資料及數量表列於Excel 內


  1. UPC Code Definition - What Is a UPC Code? UPC Code is a method used by manufacturers to identify products quickly. UPC stands for "Universal Product Code." A UPC code generally has two parts - numbers, which people can read, and a series of bars which can be scanned and tracked by computers. The numbers generally indicate both the manufacturer and the specific product. The UPC Codes for a 6-pack of strawberry yogurt, a single strawberry yogurt, and single blueberry yogurt from the same manufacturer would all be different. A UPC Code does not carry any price information. When the code is scanned, a store's computer will check that product against the current price stored in its database. This allows stores to set their own prices.
  2. How to Get a UPC BarcodeUPC Barcodes (Universal Product Codes) are required on products by retailers and distribution centers. UPC labels are on almost everything we buy. With UPC barcodes, proper tracking can be achieved throughout the entire distribution network. If you are only using barcodes for your own internal use, you will not need a UPC number, but the minute a product is sold in the retail marketplace, it HAS to have a UPC code! - UPC barcodes are not to be assigned for internal purposes but rather for mass circulation and tracking—therefore they cannot be not arbitrarily assigned. In order for retailers to properly identify your products, a UNIQUE UPC BARCODE is required for each and every product. Before you can put a UPC bar code on your product, you need to have a UPC assigned for the product.
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  5. Q: 我需要列印U.P.C./EAN符號。我應該怎麼做?U.P.C.和EAN條碼是EAN.UCC制的一部分,皆係由美國的統一編碼協會(UCC)及世界各地的EAN國際標準組織所管理。您可以到上述兩者的網站上查詢詳細情形及資源,以便了解如何製作U.P.C./EAN標籤。