Description:UN3481, UN3091, UN3480, UN3090 label sticker

Lithium Battery Handling Label

Selling and printing UN3481, UN3091, UN3480, UN3090 Label Sticker for goods with lithium batteries

When shipping goods with lithium batteries, UN label is needed on the outer boxes. E.g. UN3481, UN3091, UN3480, UN3090 It is because the lithium batteries have a risk of catching fire. An UN label on the box can help the worker to know that it has to be handled with extra care. In case of needed, they can contact the owner of the goods, too.

According to the official document of IATA, there are 4 UN number. They are UN3481, UN3091, UN3480, UN3090.

Shipper have to use the correct UN label for your goods.


Label Size:120mm x 110mm Right Angle

100mm x 100mm Right Angle

Printing:2 colors printing. Red, black.

Font Height of UN Number wording: 12mm

Width of red border: 5mm


Below is the simple classification:

Different UN number and what they are referring to:

UN 3480: Shipping lithium ion batteries only.

UN 3481: Shipping the goods with lithium ion batteries. E.g. You need to ship some toy cars. Either the batteries are installed inside the toy or the battery has not installed into the toy, but packed together with it. Both should use UN3481 label.

Lithium ion battery usually refer to the batteries that can be charged.

UN 3090: Shipping lithium metal batteries only.

UN 3091: Goods with lithium metal batteries. Either it is installed into the product or not.

Lithium metal battery (E.g. The silvery, button like, non-rechargable batteries)

For more details, please refer to the official document of IATA. Below is the link:

Lithium Batteries (IATA Official Website)
Lead time

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The below price is for reference only. It may have changed. If customer want to buy UN label, plesae contact us by e-mail first. Thank you very much.

Qty of label

Price (HKD)

100 pcs

HK$120 (Without phone number)

300 pcs

HK$200 (Without phone number)

500 pcs

HK$250 (Without phone number)

every 500 pcs afterward

HK$200 (Without phone number)

Printing Phone Number

+ HK$150 
(Same price for all label quantitys)

Delivery Charge

Deliver by SF Express

Free delivery to commercial & industrial areas , and SF Store (順豐站)

If deliver to non-commercial or non-industrial area, E.g. to residential building, school, hospital and etc, delivery charge may be needed.


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